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this is the greatest speech I've ever heard Nader give. and no one's listening cuz they think Obama is a shining liberal Prince. The biggest problem with Obama is that he's making everybody loosen up. Loosen up on the war. Loosen up on corporate abuses, loosen up on health care and decent wages. He gives a good speech and makes everyone feel good about the future but anyone that's done the slightest bit of research will tell you that we're fucking bankrupt so all these promises coming from Obama about what we should have are as empty as the world is round. I've lightened up on him as I'm sure folks have noticed but just till he gets elected. That's cuz McCain will slit our throats if he some how cons his way into the whitehouse. Obama will just cut us a few times but I think he'll let us live.

I think the main reason why people aren't taking Nader as serious as they used to also may be youtube's influence on the public. If youtube made Nader a "partner" he'd get a couple hundred thousand views every video but instead they never even put his icon up on the "you choose" page. how ironic eh? instead youtube heavily promotes BULLSHIT like this and this. Talk about keeping the public DUMB AND DOCILE. Youtube is doing a better job of dumbing down the public then the mainstream media Ever did. They have absolutely No conscience. pretty soon they're going to be breeding us like cattle!