look at this woman. she probably didn't pay for that cadi shes sitting in. You probably had to pay for it with your hard earned money. Why should you have to pay for her well being. Shes just sucking off the system probably gets her medication for free too! we should put an end to all the programs that this woman is taking advantage of so that this kind of thing won't keep happening. I mean really shes a Victim too. she should have got a job at wal mart saying hello to customers and got that cadi with her own money. then she'd be more proud. and we all know that wal mart pays people more then enough money to pay for deregulated medical supplies. the companies that make her medicine should be allowed to charge whatever price they want TOO. why should the government tell drug companies what prices they can charge? the government didn't make that medicine. And if they did they should Stop immediately. the government has no business getting involved in our lives. they should just go back to what the constitution says which is that they can write whatever laws they want as long as its Meaningless and doesn't effect Americans in any way shape or form.

(but truth be told)
the term nanny state is offensive to poor people who aren't given opportunities of employment or are disabled. welfare queen is an implication that poor people are taking advantage of poverty programs. I venture to say that I seriously doubt any of the people that spit out this rhetoric have ever lived in the ghetto as I have most my life so I don't think they're aware that the first communities to lose their jobs to NAFTA were the black communities. Detroit the motor city - 2nd blackest city in the US.