so me and this Ron Paul Worshipper have been going back and forth for quite a while. I've done this many times but this guys really brainwashed. It's sort of like performing an exorsism of sorts. "Let the demons out! corporations need to be regulated in jesus name hallelujah!'' AMEN." I think this is my best quote to him. it just shows how simpleminded these people are. It's a lot like a game of chess and being able to see their strategy 3 moves ahead of them. yea yea. free markets, gold standard, its the federal reserve, yada yada. Deregulate everything and wal mart will behave better. riiight.

I've been trying to explain to him how his pipe dreams are just that unless he starts fighting for the right to initiate federal referendums as a citizen.

he says "All of us do not get a say 51% do and the rest have to go along with it. Who decides where government need to be expanded, thats right 51% of the people. 49% are shit out of luck. You continue to show all you want is to enforce your views on others and this is how you can do it."

to which i replied

"that's right. the 49% of you that are clueless and like to talk out of your ass won't have control over the country anymore and we'll finally be free from all this bullshit because the crazies won't be running the asylum anymore.

not to mention the obvious fact that you're complaining about 49% not having a say when as it stands today with only 500 members of congress. THAT'S the percentage you should worry about. 300,000,000 / 500 = Corporatocracy"

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