im finally back in the city where I belong. I found a nice little pad in the heart of the ghetto and I feel pretty good about it. its a block from the bart. but as with all moves there's issues. like i have to find new doctors, learn the transportation system, bus routes, had to finally get a cell phone / tracking device, fridge mattress, food, learn where the grocers are, pharmacies. all in a day. while nursing my wounds. Its a pain but its exciting and inspiring to finally be back into the environment i feel most comfortable in. im closer to my friends now and hopefully will be able to see better doctors and actually get results rather then how it is in the suburbs where the only medical clinics there are are pediatrics and if they're not pediatrics they soon turn into pediatrics or simply close down.

all was going well till about 12 oclock at night one of my roomies decided to do dishes at the very moment that I fell to sleep. they say all is well that ends so we'll see where this turns out. still have to do a few things today and get further established as a city boy. hopefully I'll see some of my friends soon. I have a gig coming up in august and I'm just about finished with my album which has been in the works for almost two years. My label is really hustling me to get it done and I do feel compelled on my own accord to finally finish the fucking thing so be on the look out. hopefully I'll be touring in the fall. nothing major just a short jaunt across the states which I haven't been able to do for going on 4 years now.
thats all that comes to mind right now.