(excerpts from endless youtube comment wars)

you're right. competition is great. Its so great I WISH WE HAD SOME. No One can compete with WAL MART. No One can compete with EXXON, or General Electric, Or Ford and GM. No One can compete with McDonalds, so how do we compete unless you keep a level playing field?

Americans elect who they're FORCED to elect because they don't have a choice. THey only THINK that they do. Thats the problem. Give them the choice to choose how we should face the issues instead of just choosing between two crooked politicians and they'd do a much better job of maintaining their stability and generating peace.

what are you a fucking pirate? GOLD shiver me timbers! Walk the plank.

Ron Paul has confused so many people its really astonishing. I dont think he really meant to. I think all HE intended to do was make a little money. I dont think he realized just how ignorant most americans are and that they'd take him so seriously.