money all around the world is backed by Human Production!

the reason why the dollar is crashing is cuz WE DON'T PRODUCE ANYTHING ANYMORE! it's not the federal reserve it's US! the tax system is why we lost jobs. We need a Fair Tax system like they have in Canada so private enterprise won't be burdened with having to provide "benefits".

the truth is this is just

1) a conspiracy he cooked up
2) a slimey way to blame the Jews
3) misinformation for the illinfomed

so I was hoping he'd go away since he finally dropped out but then he launched the "campaign for liberty" con which is nothing more then a church of Ron Paulr where he can still ask forr donations. gladly I'm happy to see that as time goes on people his base is slowly but surely dwindling and exposing the so called "revolution" for what it really is. The final stage of a very well orchestrated scam on the American public.