why Mike Gravel

7:47 PM

If you've studied the grid as much as I have then you know that what he's saying is just basically word for word what socialist minded people have been saying for a century now.

what Gravels stance on the immigration issue is SO what? and as hard as it is to swallow he's right. There's not much of anything we can do about it. he said it best on the npr debate "when the jobs are here they'll come here. When they're not they'll go home". Hes said early on that what needs to be done is to rewrite NAFTA so that it benefits the workers and not just the management.

and his tax idea isn't libertarian. It's progressive. As the debt goes down so does where you place the sales tax and how high of a rebate you get once a month for necessities. What libertarian streaks he has is that he believes in due process and privacy and Americans being allowed to make their own decisions. You could say his stance on gay marriage is libertarian.

as far as the fair tax. Its so obvious to anyone that just thinks about it for a moment. The Tax code is a complete riddled mess right? Well why is it a riddled mess? because the wealthy wrote the damn code to sneak out of paying taxes. ANd the way they get away with it is with shelters and exemptions. SO naturally the only way you're going to get people not to cheat is if you make it simple and transparent and completey abolish all exemptions. Right now the wealthy have it so that the more they earn the less they pay and the more they buy the less they pay. SO the people that support the businesses that make them wealthy never benefit from adopting their products into their lives.

and the way you mock the national initiative is really disturbing.

its so simple even a child could understand.

if congress is in the pockets of big business and there's no one in our government there to represent the needs and wants of the people then we Must become empowered to vote on the issues that matter mostly to us in order for the issues to ever be addressed.

venezulans, californians, the swiss... all do it. Why cant America? You must just not have faith in your country.

every time a major change comes about there's always plenty of people to stand around and say "it won't work"

and as far as Gravel being accountable? With a record as astonishing as his you'd really have to cherry pick to find an issue where he wasn't standing on a logical basis.