I'm home. Im tired. flying into oakland airport is fucking scary. You look out the window and you see nothing but water getting closer and closer. Its like that scene in "cast away". it isnt until right before you land that you see any land at all.

something weird happened last night. I was telling my mom about how Jesus was actually a sun god and it wasn't until King James came along that he became humanized. And to my surprise my mother totally freaked out and got all superstitious and had a worried look and did her best to convince me that Jesus was human. Which is totally weird cuz my mom has never been out right religious. in fact she bases everyones personality on astrology. so it was really odd to me that she wouldnt know what I was talking about and that she would get all defensive about it.

Im fucking beat. I got up at like 6 which is 4 my time and rushed to the airport carrying 4 bags. slept a lil on the plane. after i got off the plane i got outside for a quick smoke and asked this guy for a light who just happened to be the guy sitting next to me on the plane. we got to shootin the shit and he turned out to be a musician from austin. i gave him my myspace addy and invited him to my show on the 27th. he emailed me just a moment ago. seems like a stand up guy.

I was telling Regan about him after she picked me up. I was like "he turned out to be a musician. we coulda been socializing the whole time". He was out cold though. Sittin on the plane when I woke up I looked to my right and he was fast asleep with his mouth kinda hangin open a lil facing right at me. it was kinda funny. He's gotta big ol beard.

anyways. I'm off to the in-laws to trade some gifts and watch regans niece freak out over what Santas brought her. shes two so I'm sure shes got stars in her eyes.

mary chrismas everybody