my girlfriend came home from the mall saying that she saw a "free people" dress for a hundred and 50 dollars that was made in china.

I found this on free peoples official blog. Its really disgusting and shameful. total propaganda filth to generate sympathy for free peoples exploitation of chinese workers trapped in sweat shop factories.

it reads:

Meet Kit Yee. She works for one of the factories we work with in Hong Kong and visited our office last week...
It was an awesome opportunity to get to know each other, and to work
hand-in-hand with our designers and production team.
She saw a lot of Philadelphia during her stay, including a visit to Franklin Fountain on Market St. She loved the egg cream!
Here's a little message Kit Yee sent us...

6/23 3pm: I am on the flight CO099 way back to home
6/24 8pm: 15 hrs later, I am in HK international airport
Can¹t believe 5 days is just like a flash, remember all the nice and cool
people I met in Free People office, the tasty ice cream I have had, the cool
hair cut, and the surprise birthday party for Carrie!! (correct me if I
spell your name wrong. TKS!)
Haha! Seems I just have fun in Philly though I did. I need to mention
something about my hard work here!
This is really my pleasure to have chance work with all FP people in Philly.
Thanks everybody for providing me such memorable experience and especially
Lorie, Doub and my boss Andy and Joey help to arrange this wonderful trip
for me!
Hope to have chance to see you all in HK!


now is that just wrong or what.

"its my pleasure to work in your sweat shop"

to make and sell this garbage. thats what it is. Just pure garbage.