gravel wants to give you the power to vote With congress and for all of us Americans to live as a majority in peace.

national initiative

ever watch cspan? why cant we do that from our town halls? as citizens?

why cant we vote?

wouldn't you like to be able to vote on the iraq war?

or vote to impeach bush?

or vote to switch our corrupt tax code into a totally transparent sales tax where we all pay the same?

wouldnt you like to vote to spend taxes on creating wind farms instead of killing iraqis?

read about the woman suffereage movement or the civil rights movement when badaasses like malcolm X fought to be allowed to vote in peace.

to vote man.

ron pauls not saying anything like that. hes saying. Give me you money and I'll fix the problem all by myself. When no One man can tell congress what to do. Its about every state being allowed as citizens to do as they wish and live in peace.

you might think about it.