end the war. How do you end the war? by ending our dependence on oil. How do we end our dependence on oil? Well it's going to take a shitload of money and since we're broke because of the illegal war, we have to pursue a global carbon tax. Which will curb the worlds addiction to oil as well and help to squelch global climate change. Then with the revenue generated by the tax we turn all of our bomb factories into windmill factories. Wah La, No more having to fiddle with these crazy muslims. Thats the only way. And Mike's the only one who's had the courage to explain this to us. You've got Alex Jones saying Mikes a globalist when thats the only global tax Mike has been talking about besides the same global governance that Ron Paul is advocating which is to make peace and trade with all other nations. Ron Paul and Mike Gravel are very similar the only difference I see is that Mike doesn't mince words for political expedience.

as far as the Kucinich people well Mike is for a health care certification because once we stop squandering our treasure killing arabs to steal their oil we'll then have enough money to provide care for the uninsured. Not to mention he wants to put Bush and Cheny in jail.

Mike is the center piece all of us against the war need.

the most important difference between ron, dennis, and Mike is that Mike is offering us the power of choice. If we get Mike elected the first thing he's going to do is amend the constitution with a national initiative which means we as a majority will be able to keep our government in check.

think thats a good analysis on what already unites us.