claude bought pizza and had a cake with the flyer printed on it for everyone. It was very giving and I was thankful as I think the crowd was as well. The show started with Stacey doing a solo set. I missed it cuz I was talking to this guy outside about antiques. Claude came out and ushered me onto the stage. We hadn't really worked out who was gonna play when so I wasn't ready. I played my traditional set and played my new one "just shoot me in the head" to end it. The crowd was real responsive and I felt pretty satisfied. Uni sang "I'll take a train" with me again.

then Chris and Mollie played. I got to listen to Chris and their backup singer kate practice one of theirs I hadn't heard before in the back which was really nice. Chris has a really original direction in their songs. I reallt envy his ability to shift rythems and abort all senses of traditional song structure. I really do. I'm gonna try and set up a show with them in the bay again. Hopefully we can get that done.

then comedian mary van note came on and did her thing. She plays the innocent pervert very well. Some great blue humor.

then oh my god. marial a la mode sang a song and did a little number. I swear that girl could melt butter. If I had to pick I'd say Marials performance was the best of the night. I really cant say what I'm really thinking cuz well.. that just wouldn't be prudent.. Let's just say It was entertaining.

Then the superstar of all superstars played. Miss UNI. Her voice is absolutley the most trained and perfected instrument I've ever heard. It really just commands the stage and effortlessly gets everyone to coalesce and absorb the moment. It's always an honeor to share the stage with her and I'm not just saying that. She really is one of the best performers San Francisco has to offer. She's on her way down to LA today with Marial. Wish them the best on their travels.

Jim bob from Ibid played a solo set of some funny songs about his momma and marial and a ford taurus. He had everyone eating out of his nerdy palms.then Ibid closed the night with some mad rhymes and hooks. we danced the night away

All in all twas a good night. met some interesting people and had some good laughs.