first screw ron paul for these reasons
a) womens right to chose
b) prayer in schools? fuck that
c) using immigration to get votes? fuck that
d) not stating the obvious that we need to reinvestigate 911 because its not politacally correct? fuck that

second screw richiardson for the following reasons
a) he brags about being an ambassador under the clintons. that means he stood by and allowed the sanctions on Iraq which lead to the deaths of 500,000 women and children because of lack of food and medicine
b) hes handed new mexico over to mexico cuz "he doesn't want to split up families..meaning if one crosses the borderd their whole family should get amnesty? fuck that
c)again with bragging about being an ambassador while the clintons sold nukes to China

screw Kucinich for the following reasons
a) hes divisive
b) hes arrogant
c) he's a radical liberal which means he could never win votes in the south nor get the south and north to come together. Kucinich is about as dangerous as Lincoln in how pissed off ppl are about immigration

plenty more reasons but most importantlly the reason why you shouldn't support them is simply because they dont support you.

even if we got the folks you support elected the best they could do is be a lame duck and stop anything from getting done because they have to work with our congress.

the only way you're going to see change is if we turn around and empowerr ourselves to become lawmakers and be allowed to vote WITH our elected officials.

this is the only thing you should be preaching

the national initiative.

ppl have to get past the idea that they should vote for the likely winner. that kind of thinking will get us nowhere. thats what the fairweather voters think about Hillary cuz they dont know what a monster she is.

that shits gotta stop.

when ron paul and kucinich dont get the nomination and Gravel runs independent in the general election I hope you'll come to your senses and start supporting Gravel cuz hes not self destructive. hes vigorously honest. and never NEVER should that go against him.