oldhacks (3 days ago)
Huckabee never served in the military. Mike Gravel saved his ass from being drafted and sent to vietnam. This entire country is in debt to Mike Gravel's courage and leadership

mengwise36 (3 days ago)
Does that mean he should be the president for as long as he lives? For that matter, what about Ralph Nader? Or anyone else who made huge contribution to humanity?

oldhacks (3 days ago)
it means what I said. We're in serious debt to Gravel. You included

mengwise36 (2 days ago)
I do owe him my gratitude. But that does not make him a president. 50% of the population, women, were never in danger of being drafted. Why should they vote for Gravel then?

oldhacks (1 day ago)
Because he'll protect a womans right to choose. unlike Ron Paul. And what about those womens sacrifice when their loved ones were drafted? Is that meaningless to you? All the families left alone at home during world war 2? 400,000 of them not ever coming back.

mengwise36 (12 hours ago)
Hold on a second. How did WW2 get in the conversation? US lost about 100,000 there. Much worse than Iraq but still a very small percentage of the population. Like I said, I appreciate Mike Gravel for ending the draft. Still what Ralph Nadre did for car safety affected Millions. If you compare impact, Ralph Nadre should be president. However, being President is not a token of reward for what the person HAVE contributed, is it?

oldhacks (17 seconds ago)
THE DRAFT. World War two drafted more men then any war in american history. the draft wasnt started until the civil war in America by the confederacy. Americans life yourself have no sense of howe hisroty plays a part in your lives. It's a shame. Im all for Ralph and his initiatives. If we had a national initaitive then he would be a direct representative of the people instead of a bunch of businessman telling me what I can and cannot have.