I realize these thoguhts are history but I dont go to the cinema very often and I dont rent. I pirate like everyone else. Thats part of the whole falling into oblivion thing. The under belly of the beast

Death proof is an artistic resemblance of friday the 13th. Movies like friday the 13th, nightmare on elmstreet, army of darkness,. Used to play at the theaters man. Now it's 40,000,000,000 budget or nothing. and 20 dollars a ticket. More of that communism bullshit. Its classic Tarantino dialogue and Russel plays a great washed up scumbag with a grudge. The death scenes are fantastically drawn out and really personalized. Some really smart plays by Tarantino going for something stupid and fun instead of another 6 hour epic. I wish hollywood would take his lead and just start putting out some good stupid cheap montser movies. Things just aren't the same.

thank you for not smoking is very nicely crafted. It's surreal without being preachy. It apologizes for lobbyists which I find disgusting but it's great humor for realists.

when the guy called "br" is told "you are tobacco" and he says "whatever" thats America. We're all selling something. It doesn't matter what it is and we're all just trying to make our own way through the whole mess. I think that's the message that comes through in the movie. That and teach your kids how to think. I think thats a great variable in the film.