does Mexico have the same political correct policy of guilt in its creation? cuz only 15 percent of mexicans are indigenous. Which spells out genocide.

anyone study American history and actually keep it in context?

anyone ever read about how the war tribes treated their neighbors?

or does everyone believe the farce that when America was still indian territory it was a magic happy place where no one ever did anything wrong.

france allied with the indians (sort of like how Hitler allied with Japan or how Britain allied with us to invade Iraq....And that started the anti american sentiments by the tribes. That eventually led to an all out war between the eastern tribes and the Americans. We lost to France and the tribes badly at first which forced us to call to britain for more troops to protect us. Which then after beating france back into the north lead britain into declaring the Stamp act (outrageous taxes), which then lead to us saying to hell with all of you we're just going to start our own country.

happy thanks giving.
get fat , watch some sports , take a nap.