Iran sucks yea. I'm glad I'm not an Iranian. But they're not a threat nor have they ever been. PBS seems less and less credible every time I watch. Iran giving guns/explosives to southern Iraqis? So what they protecting their border and helping the shais defend themselbes against the sunni militias that are trained and armed by US! All these car bombs are by sunni arabs from our good friends in Saudi Arabia. Whom we just sold billions of weapons to.

"Strikes on undergound targets" fuck you PBS. wtf? Anyone who falls for this shit needs their head examined.

John Bolton? giving John Bolton credence?

Iran having the bomb? SO WHAT? everyon else has the bomb. pakistan has the bomb and they're about to fall into a revolution where thousands of TALABAN soldiers are! Who gives a shit about Iran? Iran wasn't a threat 5 years ago. Now poof IRAN.

they say Iranians subscribe to a 911 zionist conspiracy? Yea and millions of Americans believe in questioning the bullshit coverup story here too.

watch it if you want. Its total bullshit though.

P.ure B.ull S.hit