bout 4 minutes where it starts getting good.

..I was in denial leading all the way up to shock and awe. I thought "oh they're just bullying him. We're not going to go to war witrh a country that had nothing to do with anything that happend in 2001.

Now I find myself thinking that same bullshit. I really do. Cuz I just want to believe that my country will get itself back on course and we'll get a more fair economy when we get rid of republicans.

thats whaht I was raised on. But now we don't have democrats anymore. Before Bill Clinton we had democrats. It was democrats that exposed Ronald Reagan. They didn't impeach him because Reagan was such a brilliant propagandist that his approval ratings were through the roof even after being caught having OK'd the inciting of war between Iran and Iraq.

we're almost out of the 80s. I can feel it. It doesn't matter who our leaders are. the people are waking up. the more and more the internet merges with tv the more people that aren't aware can have the opportunity to become aware.

I wish Youtube hadn't censored the war footage.

Youtube is going the way mTV went. not everyone on myspace can remember an Mtv that was actually grass roots incorporated

and sadly youtube is beginning to become strangled by the beast of celebrity.