what does this look like to you? You know what you can do with this dollar. You can start a new business. You can buy a pack of gum. You can buy the WHITEHOUSE. You can elect and retire the entire congress. You can stop the war. You can Start a war. You can put an entire nation in poverty. You can let yourself slip into poverty. You can buy another human being from the slums of Russia. You can save the planet. You can destroy the planet.

All it takes is a little unity. And you can do anything with this dollar. They fool you into thinking you're powerless. They fool you into thinking nobody thinks like you. They fool you into thinking you have to give them your money to fit in. They fool you into listening to them Fool You! O'really/Olbermann are exactly the same. They're just pundits propagating a position. Because of Olbermann/O'really ideologies this Dollar is just a dollar. but if just .3 percent (a million people) banded together on ANYTHING this dollar all of a sudden is boundless.