there's a sharp difference between "battle" and "war". There's a sharp difference between "race" and "culture". there's a sharp difference between "ideas" and "reality". When we helped Russia squash Germany that was a battle. When we took vietnam off of Frances hands that was war. When we went and snuffed out the Talaban. That was "battle" We should have absolutley just obliterated that place and just taken it as our own opium farm. Instead we went in and kicked them in the face but then let them go home so they could fight us again.

When our corporate government used our fear as an opportunity to attack Iraq that's "war". When Washington blindsided Britain that was "battle". When Jackson took the opportunity of having no law as initiative to invade the rest of the continent that was "war". We could have integrated peacefully but the railroad and coal industry revolution demanded things move faster. Our machines are in charge. We invent a machine and then we look at the machine from every angle possible. See what peacniks that follow folks like Kucinich around don't understand that we are animals. And if you look at how animals treat each other in the garden of eden You'll notice pretty quick that its a natural order of the biggest and strongest and fastest don't get eaten. Some times you have to kill some people to get some nonsense to stop. Amd people talk a lot now about how America with Truman took advantage of a strong position And While I'm deeply ashamed for living in a country that used atomic bombs and wiped out hundreds of thousands of people. I'm not so ashamed of us reaping some benefits for our troubles. Peppering the southern side of Europe with our ideology I think was very beneficial in those countries becoming westernized. See what these "anti globalists" can't get their head around is that we hav the best form of government ever known in human history. But it's been hijacked by business lawyers who are very artful with language. As Gravel said "They can tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip".

Something that crossed my mind. All this talk of "we need to find an alternative source of energy".. It dawned on me. "Hey Didn't We Invent EVERYTHING?" the japanese get all the praise now a days but for centuries they were always having to look over our shoulders. So get crackin America. It's necessary. you could get rich! And I'd like to see what you can build. I found a blog of a guy thats making a solar powered ice cream truck.

See the presidential elections in America are great cuz you see all the cattle start grouping up. You've got crazy Utopian liberal types that want to grow flowers and listen to music that have flocked to Kucinich

Then you've got the southerners version of liberalism where they want less law enforcement and more personal liberty. An entire civilization of highwaymen. And that's who's flocking into Pauls corner.

Then you've got the fair weather commoners that sorta waddle around with their heads down and just follow the tail in front of them. And those are the ones that think that the people that have paid for the most publicity are the people most valued for the position.

I tell you. As Americans we we have a disorder. It's called battered wives syndrome. Every year they tell us it's gonna get better. They're sorry they screwed up "but if we work together"- meaning (as long as you just do as I say) "then we can make it work". And so we forgive them and elect some asshole right back in so they can go back to raping us and stealing from us.

And then there's Mike Gravel. He's like that cop you don't want to call Cuz you know if you do then that'll be it and you won't have that safety net of not having to do anything for yourself even though you were being abused. But he's just a phone call away and he'll come get you and kick those fuckers that have been fucking with you outta town. But you have to want to call him. You gotta want to make your own laws. And Stand on Your Own Two Feet!

Ok so this is the kicker. A very important piece of this whole green anti industry DIY progression is getting back to our roots. I saw a flyer on the wall at muddy waters coffee house. It just said in Big Bold Letters "RACE IS A LIE". And I think that's a dangerous curve. Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. And we've made a shitload of mistakes as American humans. Now thats a lot of ground already tilled for us. When I look at "Race is a LIE" what I see is "History is a LIE". Because after all. Our race is only our systemic connection to our past. I love being Irish. Now I didn't chose to be Irish but You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. But you stil do your best to love your family. And that's all race is. It's your direct connection to your minute slice of human existence.