1:09 PM

got there late cuz Regan had to hit up an estate sale that morning. after we got ther there wasnt anywhere to park so I had to walk clear across town and as soon as I got there the marching started. At the very back were Ron Paul supporters. "what do we want RON PAUL. When do we want him? NOW!" i interrupted them once with "GRAVEL...NOW" and that sorta shutted them up. Then a guy on a blow horn started bitching out Ron pauls people and a couple of them stormed over and confronted the guy. The guy with the horn explained that Paul would ruin poor peoples lives and there would be riots in the streets. But the paul guy brought up that Paul wants to reimburse medicaid with money well save from closing down all of our bases around the world. They both basically just butted heads pretty fiercely then went their seperate ways. A camera crew was standing there and I took advantage and gave my pitch for the National initiative explaining that its the only way we're ever going to end the war and any future illegal wars.

As I roamed through the crowd from the back to the front I handed out my flyers and gave a short pitch as to the significance of it and the importance to started spreading the word immediately. Sadly nobody I talked to had even heard of the proposal. A lot of folks argued with me about whether it would work, Or about their fear of how republicans vote to which I shortly dismantled. When I hear people arguing against Its heavily reminds me of the books Ive read about how the slaves felt when they were first confronted with the right to vote. Or later how some women must have felt when asked if they wanted to vote. "What does it matter if we vote theyll just screw us anyway? I dont have the time to think about these issues. Thats why I vote for politicians cuz thats their job." to that I ask "is it Your country?".

on down the hill i made my way to the la razza group that had signs about the immigration debate and it kinda bugged me. but hey everyones gotta play their hand I guess. saw a lot of Skeleton costumes out which was kinda creepy. talked to the kucinich people. They're so arrogant. It's sorta like how animals look like their masters. The ron paul people are all frat boys. the kucinich people are all elitist liberals who think they know all the answers. Its the Gravel people that are thinking out side of the box and realizing that there's a lot more potential then we're being told. There were some free palestine people there but when I tried to talk to them they quikly acted rudely so I stepped off. I spoke to a few cops that acted like fucking English guards. I told them about the national initiative. at one point this pile of cops I was talking to the one black officer about how this is what the civil rights movement was all about having the right to VOTE. and when I said that he looked at me like. What now? like he was kinda starting to get interested then the cop in front brushed me off to the side "move along you're blocking my officers view." I swear every cop I talked to was just acting fucking weird. Like robots. I talked to quite a few of them just to tell them about the national initiative but they acted like terminators.

there was a great turn out. Id say 2500. maybe 3000. peaceful. focused. concentrated descent.