mike gravel is not with the NWO dumb ass. Hes for the same world governance Ron Paul is for. Where we trade and make peace with them. Quit spreading lies about a noble man with an incredible history and remarkable leadership skills. If we can make an ID thats harder to counterfeit itd make citizenship harder to avoid. Isn't that one of you're guyses desire to squelch the immigration problem?... Christ., You guys just learn and repeat. learn and repeat. like parrots

now on this Ron Paul cheerleaders saying "Mike is for the national ID act soread the word he;s a 'globalist) its not a major issue. thats what Mike was saying. Who cares about the id card, They already got us in how we travel (cars, oil, gas, highways) and how we live (mortgage, taxes, necessities) don't let minor issues get in the way of the big picture. As long as they don't have tracking devices in them. then I'm fine with it.

dont turn your back on mike hes a revolutionary. Ron Paul is not anything new and doesn't provide nearly the insight that Mike has. Especially over something as trivial as the ID act. They already passed it. he's just telling you not to be afraid of it.

It's just an identification card. you already have a social security card and a state drivers license don't you? Wouldn't you rather just have one card and it be impossible to counterfeit? It's common sense. He's talking about the benefits as always. Everyone in this country is so god damn afraid they don't think before they speak