Bill Oreilly is a masochistic fuck wad. Why hes the only one challenging Fox on the immigration issue instead of just greeting him as a gracious guest that's doing wonderful things is beyond me. Jon Stewart snowballed him. Of course CNN did as well. Larry King didn't challenge any of his statements. Just let him go on and on about how great NAFTA has been and how combining Americas economy with Mexico in an official manner and BONDING it so that we forever have to consult with another country before we trade with anyone else is a good thing.

If you could see what I've seen happen to California just in the last year you wouldn't be so liberal about the situation. (The crime. the homelessness. the violence. good people moving out.) You'd want answers as to what the hell is going on too. But instead anyone that just wants to know is deemed racist. You know they did the same thing to slaves when they wouldn't let them learn how to read. They convinced them that they didn't need to know. That it was beyond them so they should only concern themselves with their immediate surroundings. When what they wanted to learn about WAS their immediate surroundings.

anyways. They gave the podium to the idiot everyone hates so that everything he says is preconceived as hate speech.. god damn it. They're playing with my town. and my life. They're rolling dice and having fun and living in mansions meanwhile I'm stuck living in it. It's all a game. There is no left or right. north and south. There's American idealism and there's common sense.

Vicente comes up with some good responses but I don't trust him any more then I trust Bush. He's just a smooth talker like Bill Clinton.