we don't have royalty. The problem is nobody cares because they've been brainwashed into thinking they're powerless. This Country was created with the ousting of the british thrown. WE are OUR own country. of course when it was created we had a booming industry (slaves picking cotton and Tabacco- the best Tabacco in the world!) that was making us rich.,Which was partly the reason why we freed ourselves from the British because they were looting our goods back to England and getting rich in the name of taxes... "Boston Tea Party" "Boston MASSACRE" Revolting against their taxes! "Brown Family".

Washington didn't even run for president cuz he didn't want to be a celebrity. He was a revolutionary. He was a Fighter. He just wanted his independence. Just like US. What Washington set in stone is that ITS UP TO US. WE Can DO What We WANT! Now you have oil (iraqi slaves), Goods (chinese slaves..wal mart) and Weapons (enslaving the whole world) our own new royalty. A private club that tells us to roll over and play dead We've never stopped being a slavery nation. We just outsourced it. And little known fact. George Washington spent a fortune freeing all of his slaves in his will. So there have been free black men and women here since the beginning. They all wanted to end slavery but just as today we can't live as comfortably without cheap labor.

Every vegetable throughout a majoirity of the states was picked by someone from Mexico for at most a dollar an hour. You oughta see it. Every time I drive by the highway I see these farms and every single one of them have these like little RV reservations where they house them. It is EXACTLY the same daily living conditions as slavery that existed 400 years ago. Youve got the big house. and youve got the shacks.

"guest workers" have no rights as citizens. They're not allowed to vote. or travel. or own property. the only difference is they're eventually set free seasonally where they go back to their home and spend time with their families. But if one gets hurt he has no one to prosecute. If one commits a crime the punishment no matter what the crime is always looked at as worse because of prejudices. The abuse is not as it was back when we were less civilized. I'm sure these farmers welcome them as family.Just as most slave owners did for 300 years. But the arrangement is the same .

My cousin mows lawns for 7 bucks an hour at the age 56. He's as Irish as Irish can be. freckled red headed party animal. Now a guy coming here from Mexico will do that job for 2 bucks an hour. It's a problem. Nothing against Mexican people. I totally dig most of them. They're just like every other race. They're just different. Which makes them interesting, If we can find a way to abolish cheap labor then and makes everything a little more equal without hurting the farmers and without raising the price of vegetables too much then you'll see a much more stable economy. Just more evidence that a "free economy" just leads to capitalism running a muck and taking too much power, No what we need is an economy with "Checks and Balances" to maintain that business empires always adhere to a guiding principle that the economy and the workers come before profits.

and thats what this guy represents. He GAVE 40,000,000 acres to the indians in Alask back in the 70s and now they're all living good up there. He's the most determined and tenacious guy that we've ever had as a political leader. All the others are slime. Listen to Zappas I am the Slime. Even Ron Paul is slimey. Hes got a game to play and hes playing it well. Gravel doesn't have a game he's just real. Ask any of your favorites what they think of "The national initiative" and they'll tell you immediately why "they don't trust the American people and why you should just trust your leaders"
this man here is with YOU. He wants to give you THE POWER OF CONGRESS as a majority of A DEMOCRATIC society