came to town early

as we got into town first thing we saw were these ghastly chem trails just a giant. X in the sky of manufactured clouds. I'm telling you folks. Every time I hear one of them "the science isn't out on global warming" I just want to grab them by the neck And say "LOOK" I really do just wanna bash those global deniers skulls in.

so. we got into town and went to sell some clothes on the haight and painted bird i wrote down in a hundred places on the sidewalk on the trashcans on tree casings."protest the War 27th civic center" in white street chalk while regan sold clothes to the pimps at waistland.

and i bought some 100% completely legal grass (thanks to state initiative 215)

then we headed over to the show early and just sat in the car and bullshitted and looked at all the characters that float around in the tenderloin. Regan saw a guy come out of this gay porn shop wearing a skirt and he lifted it up and his balls were hanging out of a neon glittery thong. I'm glad to say I missed that.

Saw a guy almost get creamed on a motorcycle, this lady in a pinto just pulled into his lane and squeezed him into parked cars. When he screached his tires she cut back and just drove off. he jumped off his bike and was screaming at some bum that witnessed it with us "Fucking BITCH Doesnt even stop to apologize." then the bum pushing his grocery cart with his dog mumbled something. "Fuck Yea Im Callinmg the cop" the bum still pushing his cart super slowley up the hill. "did you get the license number?" then the guy on the bike pulled over and jumped off and took his helmet off. He was a real little dude. It was kinda funny seeing this Big ass chopper with flames on it then we he gets off and takes his helmet off hes just a little yuppie lookin guy. Like a super hero or something. One of those that has machines to fight crime. but without the machine hes just a geek like us.

so anyway cars are dumb and people are weird.

club unicornbread is a group of the sweetest and most talented people on Earth. the bands I got to play for last night are absolutely some of the wildest and most original performers I've seen in forever. They're really on to something whether the world catches on or not.

i played my traditional set played a new one last with Uni on board. I told the story of my friend travis cisler that committed suicide by turning his car on in his garage and letting the fumes put him to sleep. And that there's 80 gazillion cars out there and the planet is a big garage. I wasn't meaning to bum everybody out. Its just that thats what the songs about.

then I went on to pay homage to Uni for her Glamtrak express tour cuz thats where I got the original inspiration to write the song. they're going all around the country. I'm so jealous. I wish them all the luck. Im sure they'll have a great time.

Wayside State was pretty groovy. the blonde did this whistle solo that was pretty remarkable. and the other chic on bass new some good walkin.

I missed lews performance cuz i had to sneak off to smoke some grass. then Uni played Ive got footage of it I just need to translate it from my old camera to disc. she was great as always. then Uni and heather and this other girl I'm not familiar with did this ukulele trio Paper Dolls medley of Uni songs and culture club and man it was dazzling. then we went upstairs for the loud stuff

Poopys new side project is fucking great. Hillbilly grunge rock at its finest.

then some dance group did a number that was pretty silly. then this sorta comedian guy did this far out sketch about driving and reality and the stars. just rambling good old american nonsense.

then came the most amazing thing ive ever seen . Borts Minorts

Its regis and kelly lee's dream Its the ice cream truck to a 4 year old. its a "what if" comic. Its rudimentary and its absurd. Its simple and its insane. its extreme yet tempered. Its fantastically stupid.

you can catch the sequel of events tonight at the bottlecapp