U.S. officials ignored Iraqi complaints on Blackwater.

[Deputy Interior Minister Lt. Gen. Hussein] Kamal said addressing Blackwater’s alleged actions was also a matter of preserving Iraq’s dignity and honor. Seated in his spacious office, he recalled an incident two months ago when Blackwater guards threw a water bottle at a traffic policeman. The officer was so furious that he submitted his resignation, but his superiors turned it down, Kamal said.

“This is a flagrant violation of the law,” Kamal said. “This guy is an officer with a rank of a brigadier general. He was standing in the street doing his job, regulating traffic. He represents the state and the law, and yet this happened.”

basically just more evidence that they're there to cause trouble not make peace.and they don't have to follow the same code as enlisted soldiers who pay the price with their lives.

We destroyed a country people.

We hung their president.

We destroyed their whitehouses

we destroyed their most sacred sights


and now you hear politicians saying "If the Iraqis won't stand up and take responsibility for their country we're going to leave" STAND UP IN WHAT? iRAQ IS GONE. All that's left there are people bent on revenge. And "they're going to take a couple cracks at us" as Gore Vidal once said. Now we're securing their oil.nothing but. All the killing that's going on is for business matters and that's it. There's no hope of ever bringing Iraq back to what it was before we demolished her. Fight for trains and free health care and we won't have to do things like this. Why are you so friendly with the gas stations? Is it the robot made candy bars and plastic soda pop they have inside? Or the lottery tickets? Or the cigarettes and booze?

cmon people this is our country. Me and yours. This land was made for you and me. Where's your spirit?