this indian saved my life tonight. Ive been in his store before he's got a big genie hat all its missing is a diamond/ but i had to fucking piss bad. so I went in said 'hey you gotta restroom?' he pointed to the back and the door was wide open and in the stall the toilet was totelly clogged with toilet paper and wouldn't flush. luckily I didn't have to sit. but as i came in I heard pink floyd "us and them" so i got it in my head that i might ask that arab looking character if he liked pink floyd. it just made me wonder.

so when i got all my urine flushed out i went out and as i payed for some gasoiline that was refined from oil we just got from Iraq, I asked him "you like this music?" and he gave that "oh well music is music." he chuckled a lil. like he didn;t really care what was on just somthing to listen to. So I told him i liked some of that ravi shankar music that sitar stuff and he kinda just looked away like whatever. i was just fuckin with him. but i do like that stuff. somehow the conversation turned and the guy put some kind of genie spell on me and looked me in the eye and said "nothing bad happens in dis werld, all that's bad we make" and then he started going on about his diet and how he doesn't eat meat so i asked him if that was some kind of muslim thing but he said he was "Sic" (whatever that means) and that he was Indian.. and then he started preaching on about "if you take one sip of beer. Nothing good will happen"

I usually hate stopping in that certain town too cuz theirs always abunch of little piggies in their magic clown cars with their super siren and the flashing lights. Last time we stopped their we ate at in and out and in the parking lot was a piggie in his clown car. but we were starving and had to piss. I was so stoned I could barely hold my eyes open. so we sat down and shes like "go up and get our food" and at the registers two cops and their buddies went and sat down so their was 4 of em all together all dressed in matching outfits. so the jockiest one starts blabbing on about some big marijuana bust he just pulled and Im sitting their high as a kyte listening to him talk about some great stunt he pulled with hus buddy kicking in a guys front door because he had some PLANTS growing in his fucking house. Are you fucking kidding me? the "war on drugs" should be called "the war on the poor."

so then the last one to get his plate full of heat meat on two pieces of bread on a plastic plate just like at the school cafeteria the last one looked at me and said "whats up" as he was walking by. so I said "sup" actually happy he'd said hi. if you got one of them bullies thats got sense in a crowd of fools waving pistols around it makes the police system better 10 fold. every pack has 'the smart one'.,