i havnt given up friend. and all the thing you support ron paul for, following the constitution, states rights, defederalizationism, being consistent, having principles are reason why you should jump ship and join the gravel team. Ron Paul has flaws in his approach in that he's far too conservative and believes we can trust american business interprises to manage themselves without hurting the average consumer. He doesnt just believe in small government he believes in NO government.

heres what gravel has done.

40 MILLION acres for the indians of alaska.

alaskan pipeline creating a source of oil that was environmentaly sound. standing up to the oil companies and working with the environmental groups getting them to agree on something (NOT EASY TO DO)

ended the draft ceremonially so that when the next war came along the feds couldn't pluck kids out of small towns and ghettos against their will.

not to mention that he was in the CIA in his early 20s so he knows how important secrecy is and how much the government keeps secret that they shouldn't

30 years he lead the house, held the senate seat in a republican state.

Paul was in the service but Gravel Fought in the korean war and was in the thick of it and has seen men die. He knows the price of war. I'm well educated on Ron Paul. I listen to alex jones and Alex has had him on his show on occasion for years when he was just a loud mouth from texas that held a very minimaly powered seat in the house. Gravel has served in every form of government except for the presidency.

comparing pauls record to gravel's is like comparing a greyhound to a thoroughbred.

I'm not a paul hater like most liberals. I see his potential but delivering babies doesn't make

and what makes me think hes a slight bit racist is that hes from texas and I was raised by texans so I know how they think. I know its not fair to say all tecas are alike but people from texas are definatly different minded then other americans and Certainly from Californians.

pro choice

pro health care

pro gun

pro laws

anti war

anti tax corruption but pro taxes that are openly spent in an honest fashion rather then just looted by big business and our bloated military.

gravel is the man for you you just don't know it yet.


people in france can go to the doctor, own a gun, and get to go home from work at 3 oclock in most cases. they get weeks off instead of just one week for vacation and spending time with their family and its all because of the benefits of socialism. Its because when the citizens of france don't agree with something they PROTEST. they don't just sit and take it like Americans. they protest in the 10s of thousands in every major city over things like health care, over things as simple as day care. they fight their government and they understand the benefits of having a government that adheres to their principles and they all make sacrifices to make each others lives better. when my country starts acting like that Ill be satisfied. till then I'll be a constant pragmatist.