either you're with us or you're with the terrorists.

the terrorists being

Anyone who stands in the way of our liberty

every day while they're conducting their auction for the whitehouse they tell the public "If we don't do something we're all going to die" that's just like saying "If you don't do what I say then we'll kill you" which is by definition Terrorism!

The problem is that we are in trouble and the public for the most part knows it, but doesn't know what to do about it in their personal lives. and that's why I'm active in spreading awareness about the Facts and not the conspiracies.

at this point it's either stand up or stand down and if you stand down it's either because

A) you're afraid what your friends and family might think if you become active in politics

or B) you're afraid of the boogieman coming after you if you do expose their crimes to the public.

this is what you can do as a citizen

1. call the senators. the more people call the more they feel it necessary to listen because they will worry about them losing their seat of power.

2. call the representatives. I call mine all the time and I always get right through which means that their phones are not very busy,

3. talk to your friends about what's going on. make sure they know how this crap effects them personally

4. spend your money wisely. If you don't like the war don't fill up your tank anymore. ride the bus and your bike. sell your car and get a grease car or better yet an electric car if you can find and afford one. Electric cars can be solar cars if you put solar panels on your house to "fuel" them. The reason why the oil companies aren't allowing us to go solar is because they haven't been able to figure out how to retail the sun. And NONE of the "top tier" billionaire candidates are going to do ANYTHING to help us get off of the oil. They're just going to throw a carbon tax on us making gasoline jump to $5 or $6 dollars a gallon without offering any of us a way to get off of it. Just like how they run our health care. They know we're sick so they charge us out the ass for treatment. It doesn't cost the hospitals a hundred thousand dollars to give patients chemo therapy to fight cancer but it Does cost you that much. Ever wonder why?

5. Go to a protest. they're fun and exciting and you'll meet some really interesting people not to mention make a statement to your town that there's a growing population of people that are willing to stand up together to alleviate themselves from the entrapments of allowing big business to run our big government. the more the merrier. No one likes to feel left out.

6. VOTE.

other then that you have to stay up and be current on who's doing what to who and where and all that, which is more complicated and more for people like me (the radicals) to handle.

if my constant blogging about "the issues" bugs you then delete me cuz it ain't ever gonna stop. not until I'm dead.

give me liberty or give me death!