you want eight years of what we are having now? republicans fillibustering everything that passes the desk like complete dickheads but the public doesnt know how congress works so they just see that we're still over there killin people after we mandated an immediate with drawl.

cmon people. why is the new school not swarming to mike gravel hes proposing to us that he'll pull the rug out from everyones feet. Weve been BOMBED. yes BOMBED those wernt air planes those were missiles with wings.

we're having serious problems with people sneeking into our country by the millions. you think a guy thats on the other side of our war couldn't just put on a back pack and walk through the desert?

we need a REAL PRESIDENT right now

ever read about Eisenhower? or Roosevelt? do you really trust Hillary Clinton with being able to manage a major catastrophe?

she looks like a cheap date to me.

over 122.000 views and only 27 comments all sounding like robots.

you think EIsenhowers speach on the military industrial complex was what the American people wanted to hear??

"Hey folks at home. you should be worried about why we didnt turn those renovated factories back into toy factories. We might be bombing people for awhile"

gravel saved your asses people. you think george bush would think twice about sending any of us to go do his dirty work? no hed still have the same chuckle if the body count were 20,000. and you can't send him a hundred bucks even though you could be not using email now because your fear of the feds sending you a draft e-card.

Christ it irks me to see Gravel just sitting in the wind right there. Our national sovereignty within our grasp. For the first time in our life times real leadership and responsibility... instead of cronyism and back peddling nonsense where they just say what we want to hear.

if you think you don't have the money now to contribute now just wait, you're REALLY not going to have any money when Hillary gets through with you. It's a real chance at HONEST LEADERSHIP. an honest politician... think you'll ever see another one in your life time? running for president of our country?