wake up call

9:08 AM

you might notice some history in the making.

"hows he gonna pay for it..waah"

end the war on drugs theres 400,000,000 every few months by changing the prison system thats been at full capacity for a decade now.California is so full that we're starting to mail our prisoners to other states because they're stuck sleeping without a cell in an open gym on army cots right next to eachotherr like in revenge of the nerds.

end the war in Iraq, Keep in mind that the money we've squandered is coming out of our shit ass economy, If we had a government that would support localization like I know Mike would then we could rapidly cut down on our addiction to oil which would also save money. Not to mention if we rewrote the tax code we could start getting a lot more net shairings because there'd be a more diverse investing in the market because there'd be more different people with money. He's explained till he is literally blue in the face how he plans to pay for his changes.

WE NEED THESE CHANGES The thing that drives me nuts is that you've all been conditioned to believe that we can't handle change...Like this is the way it's always been. We've only had a tax code for a hundred years once I country became populated enough to endorse it. But when they wrote it they wrote it with 100 lawyers to make it so it didnt hurt the big businesses any. But as time went on the Big Business in our country started exploiting the loop holes and showing less and less commitment to the AMerican public till we have what we have today with wal mart. Running everyone out of business that supports the community and is of the community and plotting in wal marts which is a communist store. (you might laugh but what is it when a store only sells things that are made in a communist country? Is that not showing allegiance to communism?) and then you're going to allow the queen of a communist entity in America become the PRESIDENT??>

we've only been on Oil for a hundred years. and we used up the entire world supply in as much time too..ugh.

black people have only been able to vote for 50 years.

THINGS CHANGE! but it takes the people. and right now people are way too distracted. No one and I mean NO ONE wants to hear about this crap. Me either. but damn it we're in trouble people.

carbon tax - gas is gonna be twice what it is now, very soon not just in your cars either. thats going to effect the price of Everything that's shipped on a truck. and Hillary isn;t going to lower the price before she puts that tax on us so the oil companies will keep making their record profits But the government can make their shairs off of us too..

health care - taxes are gonna get higher IF it passes, and Hillary has gotten so close to the pharmacies that shes not going to lower the prices its going to be like how the pentagon spends money. 500 dollars an aspirin? its already 25 dollars NOW.

we have a 50,000,000,000,000 dollar deficit staring at us people. thats bankruptcy. imagine if all that money you got in the bank was suddenly "frozen". seriously. this isn't crazy conspiracy time. save your bombs in the building thoughts for another time.

we're about to get seriously crunched.

but if you're too busy right now to care.. well.. guess you'll learn the hard way. after the fact