We're there to fight terrorism? wrong answer
We're there to Free Iraqis? guess again
We're there to kill Sunnis out of revenge for 911? not even close

We have to kill Iraqis so we can steal their Oil. Why are we stealing their oil? So we can avoid facing up to the Oil crisis for now.

Kill or fall into an even greater depression then ever before. Whats it gonna be America?

that’s what I thought.

I don’t expect anyone to put these things together anytime soon.

Crooks and Liars.com did a piece on peek Oil FINALLY but failed to mention Iraq.

Do you people really need everything spelled out to you? We are a selfish nation. We don’t even take care of ourselves. You think you care about the Iraqi people. But you care more about high gas prices in truth. Yes we could just drill in Alaska but then you get all the environmentalists after you. Not to mention the fact that it could take a hundred years befor we find a source. So kill trees or Iraqis?

You think a politician is going to tell you these things? Or thinkprogress or crooks and Liars or Daily Kos? No because they have an agenda.

I on the other hand am a free thinking individual with no ties to either side so I have no problem telling you the real truth.

Without that oil our oil crisis here in America is only a decade away. With Iraqs oil we have a bigger window to address the problem. That's what Bush means when he says "some day you'll thank me". He can't come out and say the truth cuz it's politically incorrect and we as Americans have become too immature to face the truth.

The main problem is that Bush is a moron that doesn't know how to cleanly steal another countries assets and once the flames of war reach a certain pitch there's no stopping it until the majority of the people in the conflict are all dead.