Solar Power

1:11 AM

Here it is people staring you right in the face. Your freedom. Money is power and power is freedom so solar power is freedom. Think of all the Money you spend on Gas a DAY...But instead it's in your pocket. If you want to get rich I'd suggest putting some money into this stuff. I'm poor so I'll never make any money but if you got some now's your chasnce in case you missed the google train.

While the politicians gang together behind their desks and try to figure out how long they can keep us all strung out on Oil and keep killing Arabs cause all America makes anymore in it's factories are bombs, out here in the real world people are doing real things.

there's a reason why these cars aren't already here.. think about it. You go to the casino you get chips. How the casino going to keep track of you if you're not using their chips and plugging in your card. better yet how they going to keep track of your "winnings"..

Here's an interesting blog I found about a guy that's making a solar car out of ice cream trucks.
This is the DIY generation. The governments not to be counted on in these times. In fact they're working against us.

(ferari versus electric car - yea its not solar but throw some solar panels on his roof and wah la.)