I love all my Hispanic American amigos.

I got some blow back for my Aztlan posts. I guess cause I didn't articulate my position enough. I'm not at all racist. My best friend since 3rd grade is half Guam half white. All of my friends were from different ethnicity's. Vietnamese, Caucasian, black, one of my first girlfriends was half Hispanic. She was hot too! Another one of my girlfriends was 100 percent Indian. Or Native tribes as I like to call them because they were here before America was built. The term "Native American" is erroneous because anyone that's born and raised in American culture is Natively American. If you click the links you'll see an obvious difference between a spanish woman and a tribal woman. Much like the difference between a German woman and an Irish woman. (German women have rounder facial features Irish have more pointy features)

Mexicans brought America Marijuana so yea. I'm not a racist at all.. I just find it extremely offensive when I see other country's flags flying in protests and people talking about how this (the southwestern states) is Mexico's territory

for those that don't know your history here's a quick summary of the facts.

the queen of Spain Isabela (great Hendrix tune) gave Columbo some boats to get some spices for her from the west indies.

then for the next 100 years or so the Spanish created "New Spain" where the Mayans and Aztecs lived. Hence murdering and enslaving most of the Mayans and Aztecs. Then the french came to the north and created "New France" . The French are the only settlers that didn't rape and pillage the land as they traveled it. Then the English came and created "New England".
And brought slaves with them and killed lots and lots of tribes.

Then we had a revolution and divided ourselves from Europe and started our own government. Then Canada and Mexico did the same. But then after we had settled our borders, Mexico invaded Texas and tried to take more land. That got Americans pissed off and we went down and obliterated them and took some of their land as a consequence of them invading us and murdering some of our greatest soldiers.

ok. now fast forward to today.

now is the Latino in the red shirt like the vietnamese that were fighting on our side in vietnam? Or is he just a good law abiding citizen that sees an ugly trend happening to Hispanics in America?