now I've been given the green light that this is in no way racist by someone with an affiliation with that ethnicity so if you get offended it is solely due to the enlarged chip on your shoulder that you need to have surgically removed. and those4 on the "right" which I downgrade my affiliation with please bare in mind that I am just doing what I can to get these people to not feel threatened and to heed my thoughts carefully. Not that I'm lying because to be honest I find a lot of what the right has to say about Mexicans just as repugnant as the statements coming from the latin community about Americans. with all this warning and introduction and full explaining so that there is absolutely no room for error you may now proceed on with the letter

it reads as such

"I come in peace. please read"

you obviously are misinterpreting my aim. I speak to my hispanic friends about this stuff all the time. and I'm not hiding anything with my screen name. I'm a well known musician here in northern california to which I am some what famous for my out spokeness on the issues that face my country today.

I have no pint up anger. I'm not a racist nor a right winger in fact I'm the opposite. In America we are afforded the right to free speech. I'm only speaking how I feel. Constantly there are tirades from hispanics about how they are "taking over" and how "this is mexico" which you are obviously aware of because of your comedy piece.

This is a very serious issue. It's costing me my health because medi-cal has been bankrupted in the last few years by what evidence suggests is directly an effect of the amount of people coming here that have not yet paid into the system. In fact, I have to drive clear to another county just to see a doctor because the medical clinic thats 3 blocks from my house has been converted to a "refugee ONLY" medical clinic.

I am not being racist. I do everything in my power to not let my emotions effect my speech. I am a thoughtful person and not without compassion for Mexican people who I'm learning are facing quite troubling times in Mexico. The point I've made is that there are people here who are being effected by the pilgrimage of what you consider your people and no one is giving my side a voice except the racist right which does NOT represent Me.

hope you read this and accept the fact that I am merely a concerned citizen that is reaping the consequences of this pilgrimage to my home state and don't confuse me with the retarded right wing racists that have done nothing but muddy up this issue to the point where hardly any real truth is being spoken.

I think you guys are pretty damn funny to be honest. But this is a serious issue and I find it offensive when I see hundreds of comments about how "we're taking over" and "this is Mexico now".

I honestly hope you will take these thoughts into consideration before you are so quick to judge the next person that speaks up.

and as far as when my emotions do get the best of me, if you'll go back and look they are merely defensive reactions to offensive remarks left by what you consider your people.

and I have no thoughts what so ever to your anchor baby remark. I'm Irish and everyone knows that the Irish are the Mexicans of England. My people received the exact same treatment when we began flooding in when the farms became poisoned. Which I hope will serve to prove to you that I am not without understanding. It's just that I love my Country and I love California and It troubles me to see people marching in the streets waving another countries flag and showing complete disregard for the people that have lived here for many generations in peace.


old hack


now they have yet to read this even though they have publicly defamed and demeaned my position by deeming me a "racist" which I am obviously not. I am honestly afraid that if we do not come to peace terms with this new influx of people that are moving into our communities that it twill not stay peaceful between "us" and "them". I am only trying to figure out where, what, and why this is happening but I am not getting the just response that I so deserve considering the amount of respect I have displayed.

Now can anyone tell me what happens when two large communities refuse to speak to each other while sharing land?

look at Israel.