With the gift of the internet there shouldn't be any divisions amongst any nations. People talk about Iraq till they're blue in the face but how many Iraqis do they take the time to find and chat with? We as a nation could be talking to the millions of Iraqis stranded in the middle of a war zone that used to be their country but we're not. Would having an internet have had any effect on stopping World War 2? We know everything. We're red hot because it's all staring us in the face and every night we get Kieth 'sportsman' Olbermann to articulate it for us so we can let off a little steam. But really what the hell people?

So the internets censored in China. I wonder why that is. It's available in even some of the remotest slums in the far corners of the planet. But yet we're still not talking. We all travel in tribes of ideologies. All full of fantasies of "wouldn't it be great" and "I think they should do it this way" most not realizing that as the old saying goes: Actions speak louder then words.

There is no God. We are God. All 300 gazillion of us as one functioning SPECIES that's roaming around in circles with the Earth and the Sun. There is no point. The meaning of life is that it's meaningless.

You grow things to eat.

You kill things to eat.

you find something to drink

You find a place to shit and piss.

and maybe have a little fun in between

Just like the animals. Do animals have religion? No but Elephants do have cemeteries that they pay remembrance to as an instinctual ritual. Do you think you really honestly know the meaning of life any better then that stupid dog that just wants to play fetch and lick his butt all day?

That's why people give grace. Religion is just a game people like to play. When people get together for a game of poker it's just an excuse to bullshit. There's nothing wrong with just shooting the shit. but there's a time to talk about things that matter when it directly effects you.

Right now the gas prices in California are at around 2.90 but I'm just waiting to see those numbers to skyrocket once those carbon taxes take effect. We're all goin to stranded in our homes people. It's time to wake up. We as Californians voted against taxing the Oil companies.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? In the middle of a crisis you're not going to make them share some of those record profits with the rest of the country? And Then you're going tror throw a TAX on TOP OF IT, so the feds can have their profits in the hostage crisis. We are hostages to OIL. just like in the great depression we were hostages to our economy.

See it's complicated. We're a very selfish nation when it comes to how we treat other countries, but there's always been an understanding, especially since Roosevelt that we're here to help each other out.

The green revolution that's about to take place is going to be one born out of necessity. Just as every move we've ever made. We killed Indians out of necessity. We're stealing oil from Iraq by murdering hundreds of thousands of people out of necessity.(yes you. every time you fill your tank.) We helped Russia stop Nazi Germany out of necessity. This is a great country to live and people will pull together but there's going to be a lot of communities that are going to stay in denial about this and wait for Al Gore to come up with a magic solution in his laboratory that will fix all our problems.

Mike Gravel is right. If we as Americans are going to face this Oil crisis in an adult manner we're going to have to grow up. The dancing robots in japan and blue angels air shows aren't worth your sovereignty. We're going to have to get to know our neighbors. We're goin to have to go outside again. Get to know your mayor. Your preachers and for god sake get to know the cops. If they're the ones that are going to be trying to inflict martial law on you don't you think if you knew the guys first name he might be persuaded not to kick you in the head?

Knowledge is power. And we're still powerless with all of the entire history of man and our entire library of astronomy. Doesn't that tell you something? We lack initiative.

The internet has become a huge way for us to avoid reality. Like Television. The news on Television used to be independent. It used to just talk straight with you. But then the advertisers got a hold of it with their share holders and well you can see what it leads to.

When I say "we killed indians" and "we had slaves" I mean that it's just a fact. I don't mean to be insensitive. I take pride in the strife that myb ancestors went through so that I could be an American. I think most people do. Once we learn to accept our confusing history the sooner we'll be able to wisely address any future repercusions.

This is what pandimonium looks like people.