what a scumbag <-(video thinkprogress)

"teacher commutes 30 miles" - doesn't mention she commutes because her home was destroyed

"We come on occasion" - when he feels like it. He sounds like a drunk.

"we listen and respond when possible" - again, when he feels like it.

"education needs to be the priority" - umm what about the fact that they're stuck living in trailers that reek of formaldehyde. I think that's the priority you fucking asshole.

"I believe in freedom" - what are we invading New Orlins now? I thought New Orlins was already owned by America? Did France repurchase it? I wish they would. Socialism is badly needed right now. All those libertarians talk about "charity should be voluntary" where's your voluntary charity for one of Americas founding southern cities? WHERE IS IT! god damn....