5000 times 5000

7:23 AM


5000 on my friends list

if we all gave 5000 dollars then mike would have 25,000,000 dollars

you think theres more then 10,000 billionaires giving their chump change to Hillary? no.. Its a very small coup JUST LIKE SAUDI ARABIA and PAKISTAN only done with media brainwashing. watching olbermann and Oreally bicker back and forth through your head isn't going to get you your democracy back.

we could do this people. we really could. easily... and honestly

the man is another FDR hes willing to change everything.. don't you want change? can you really stand the thought of 8 more years of Bush? people doing crooked shit behind closed doors that ends up taking money out of your pocket..

Gravel is one of us damn it.

you are the government in a democracy. why do you refuse to play a part in this fiasco? its not outside your grasp. Is it cuz you don't want to take any resposibilty for whats been going on? i dont get it.

we're murdering a hundred thousand people a year (on average) for oil

we're bringing in drugs and then imprisoning the people that sell and use them so we can put factories in the prison and pay them 5 cents an hour
not to mention the gov checks that go out to al the privately owned prisons through out the country

we're blackmailing our grandparents holding their medicine for ransom to get their SS check

its absolutely disgraceful. and no its not the governments fault. it's your fault for letting them get away with it. Of course rich slime balls like to get richer. its not their fault. thats just how rich people think. But they're not any smarter or work any harder then we do. they're just born to think that way. It comes with having money. you lose a lot of your soul when you live in money. strife creates dignity.

and mike gravel is an extremely dignified man. dont you want to be admired by the world again? its only been since JFK that we started voting on superficial ideologies. before that we were a well informed people that cared deeply about the issues. and we will be a nation that cares again. maybe this next generation coming up thats about to take over will role the y's slacker motif over and we'll start seeing some active voices in our communities again.