you have to turn the sound way up but this is Mike's thoughts right after the debate

this is CNN's pic of Hillary

this is CNN's pic of Mike

Dodd and Gravel received less than one half of 1 percent. Sampling error: +/-4.5 percentage points. Based on interviews with 450 registered voters who describe themselves as Democrats or as Independents who lean to the Democratic Party. The CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll was conducted June 22-24, 2007.

That means we got atleast 250,000 supporters. If all of those supporters dug in their wallets we'd have a shot at getting this man in Office and showing the world what a Democracy looks like. I;m disgusted at how similar CNN's presidential debate is to AMerican Idols website. It should be much more bland. Less razzle dazzle. I remember the presidential debates when I was a kid. DUkakus and Bush sr. were the most boring things I'd ever seen in my life but for some reason my mom was going ape shit over what Bush was saying. The Clinton, Perot, Dole debates were pretty funny. I remember seeing Bill Clinton ads on TV about him running for president. Country boy who wanted to do right by America and make it a wholesome country to live in again. You almost did it bubba. ALmost got away without anyone ever suspecting a thing.

my thoughts...