I wondered this morning if there were ever good ol boys in the south back in slavery days that were jobless and poor and were willing to work on the farms but the plantation wouldn't hire them because they already had people doing the job for nothing. In wondering about that I had a revelation. An American prophecy if you will. I heard that South Carolina's citizens are at 20% percent in willing to sucede from the Union again because of their distrust of the federal government concerning the Mexican invasion. And it got me thinking.

The population's already overwhelmed the southwest.
But once this population of Mexicans starts spilling over into the confederate states there is going to be blood shed. And what was it that started the First Civil War? A guy had a press machine and was publishing articles about the immorality of Slavery and fellas from the south got sick of hearing about how the entire south was nothing but abunch of slave owning racist monsters that should all burn in hell. So they got together went to the guys house, through his printing press into the river and murdered him.

Also some think it was John Brown that ignited the war. So put that into context of today. We have a population willing to work for less money and are demanding citizenship. And what you have from the capital is that "Anyone against giving these people the right to do as they please in our country is a Racist bigoted monster."

Now in respect to the Black population. The Europeans
brought slavery with them when they started colonizing this land. So the African American community has every right to demand citizenship because they were brought here against their will. And they have made perfectly clear how capable they are of greatly contributing to this fine nation. Black America built America. Without pay. So they have every right to march and demand representation and the rights of every other man. The picture on the left is of Anthony Hervey and. His brother, Harry who had family members who died fighting the Union army. Now you have to ask yourself. Why on Earth would 100,000 black men enlist to fight for slavery? Were they just crazy black people? Did they like being slaves? Were they just so desperate for citizenship that they took Jefferson Davis's deal that in by enlisting they were granted full citizenship? The answer to all 3 is no. They joined up to fight with the Rebels for the same reason why anyone would pick up arms within reason. To defend their homeland from tyranny.

In a way you could say the way the Clinton administration devastated Mexico with NAFTA was in a way like a slave ship in that we forced them here because we destroyed their homeland. But there is a deep sharp obvious contrast between the two similar situations. Mexicans don't care about becoming Americans. Not as deeply as African Americans did. How many Black people do you know who have ever even mentioned Africa? as oppose to how often in California you'll see a Mexican flag. Martin Luther King Embraced American Culture. He is American culture. How many great Mexican leaders out there do you know that are making a stand on creating a movement for peace and equality? as oppose to how many you can spot in these marches in LA that are just screaming their heads off about how All white people need to go back to Europe and how Black people should rally with them and get whitey.

Oh the hypocrisy. but staying on subject. This is something that could very well happen. The Confederate States will Sucede because they're being over ran by immigrants and the feds are facilitating it. And some good old boys will take measures into their own hands and end up committing some kind of heinous act out of rebellion against the front to their homeland. And that will spark an immediate rise in violence and the media will sensationalize it as they do everything. Then the Feds will come in and try to institute a police state but the south will reject it and then war will be declared by the Yankees against the South...Again. And Just as the North used propaganda and newly freed slaves to fight the South in 1864 this time they will use Mexicans and provide them citizenship as incentive to fight against the South.

It won't be a clean trench fighting war like in the first one though. It will be in the streets. With terrorism. Bombs. Gangs of insurgents and Union police fighting it out. And most likely the fights will happen at night.

This may seem like some crazy fairy tale imaginary conclusion but "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it"