why its necessary

the war - veterans, iraqi's , oil , our treasure

the economy - corporatism, independence

the environment - pollution, invalid necessities, healthy society lives better

the future - we borrow the world from the next generation, education

youtube is subjugating their subscribers to nonsense to dilute the publics awareness

Why you ask? Because they're a billion dollar industry. they dont want to have to pay taxes. Taxes are for poor people. they like having control over the government

cnn youtube played like youtube was some kind of baby company compared to cnn but cnn has been dragging along and youtube got bought out by google for a BILLION. seven dolllars. You can buy your own country with a billion dollars. and they are. they're buying america.

youtube is the new Mtv.

Mtv is a tragic story of a blossoming sesspool of dirtbag musicians and film school bratts getting together and having a fucking blast. then the movie companies came in and started making videos out of the movies clips. then came the videos telling story lines and they turned Mtv into a sesspool of degenerate money making business types brainwashing kids into listening to Warrant and now 20 years later Britney Spears and 50 cent.

those that say "isn't that spamming". well isn't what youtube is doing "spam"? taking what most would consider fluff and posting it on the front. FIght fire with fire. Youtube is nothing more then a giant chat board. but they're deciding which tube to give the most bandwidth.

we have to establish Mike Gravels national initiative into the commons thought waves. its that simple. then once they take the bate and start learning about what mikes been saying all these years then it will become something people begin to consider.

capitalists, anarchists, socialists, communists, Constitutional fundamentalists, come one come all. All Americas need to band together and form a national union outside of the democrat / republican party ideology of divided and out of touch and to join and support an open ended non-funded lobby of Americans who are ready and willing to take up the cause of putting the revolution of the 21st century into high gear.. which is of course referendum voting.direct democracy. national initiative. freedom.

to join simply state that you want to be a member. send me an email and I'll post your name and contact on the list. then we will begin to organize a not for profit anti-commercial coup on the corporatist lobby that has held the public in check for fAR too long.