great tim leary interview i stumbled upon on youtube.

1 "no matter what the scientists do underneath it
all its stil alla mystery" , the power of words,
the secrets of the universe, "don't get caught in
your point of view"

2 "Use your brain" neo-technological pagan, the
revelations of sex, the mystery and beauty of women,
the benefits of lsd, the connection of counter cultures
promotion of anarchy and its effects on current generations.

3 "Just being naughty"
government herding, media mind control, censorship,
the power to change reality on the basis of perception,
UFO silliness, the internet junkie bohemiums, the cia
and LSD, the ATF, self defense, anti weaponry, manson

4 "thats an option"
the taboo of death, life extensions, socrates, self preservation,
the 'products' of your consciousness, heaven and hell,
worms versus the freezer, reincarnation,

5."why fight it" learning americas games, self reliance
life after death, internet achives as life after death,
freedom of the press, ram dass andd tim, like plato and aristotle

6 "what's the larger level?"
civil wars, the blessings of america,personal differences
between dass and leary, destiny and chance versus personal
nobility, O.J. Simpson.

7 "there's gonna be a big change"
the freedom of the internet, government antaginist.

8 ""
population control, morning after pill, champions of intelegence
versus champions of ignorance, kevorkian. Irish leprecon