1 "The whole thing represents me"
crime factory, projecting illegalitys, It doesnt exsist
on the planet I live on, "the will of god whatever you want
to call it its all music to me", selling fear, karma,
self reliance, childhood, "I'm in paradise man", "I'm the
man in the mirror", "I see everything as it is, I like it
when I cum", terrorism,

2 rights in court, media sell outs, environmentalism,
"you're looking for blood to sell death and fear"
global warming, "the whole world is a thought",
conformity for cash, innocence,

3 guilt, projection, Terry Melcher, Vincent Bugliosi's
inheritance for his sell out case, "What is 'acting crazy?"
"anybody that wants world peace has to be crazy"
"Do you need someone like this in your world?"
"If you're not willing to die for something then you're
not willing to kill for something", the cruifixtion of Manson,
there's only one person you can judge" You either find Jesus
or you find the devil" birth rights

4 glam, garbage dump, anarchist pride, "WHat if I just
jumped on you and beat yourass? would that make you feel
like a bigger man?", conspiracys, americas jesus,
independence, buliosi "he's mothers perfect child", patriarchy,
Tex, "I don't know much about guns."

5 Tex's payback, "All lawyers do is lie and take the money"
little black phone book, television, "I'm not locked in dollar
bills", public perception, "I was a beatnick not a hippie"
death, projections, murder

6 the courts and the pentagon, violence, self protection,
religous Laws, legendary fiction, "nobody else cares",
holy wars, "I didnt know god was on a side"
"dreams of living and dying don't hold any substance"
murder, "suicide parlors", "I murdered them all! I'm god and
I killed everybody. Now what?"

8 "I could send for your head and have them put it in a box"

with all the tim learys and the abbie hoffmans they needed a
devil to undercut the hippies and boom. they found one in LA
with a commune of girls and dead princesses. And they still
like to use him to project their guilt away from their own