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This is me and Regans Gental Giant. His name is Jarvis. He's more like a monkey then just your average cat. His favorite food is kit and kaboodle and he walks on a leash and Loves car rides.

We rescued him from a non-kill shelter. They thought he was a 6 month tabby but really his was a 3 month old Main Coon.He had us at hello. I was walking down the aisle and looked at him and he gave me a "meow" and I had to have him. I asked to see him and the guy that got him out said " oh yea he's a good kitty" and as soon as he was on me and Regans lap he was smothering us with affection. We signed the papers and within a few weeks he was ours. I asked if I could have him not be fixed but they said that was mandatory. Soon as we got him home we had to lock him out of the room so we could sleep cuz he wouldnt settle down and kept just walking all over our faces. He had a real problem with attacking our toes that were wiggling under the blankets until one night about 2 in the morning I jumped up and swatted him good on the butt and he's never done it since.

We had an incident once when I got home from band band practice. He was slapping his face and screaming when I got in the door and I picked him up and looked at him and his chin was hugely swolen and there was a small little bite on his right side of the chin. So I tossed him in the carry box and away we went at 2 in the mornbing to the all night vet clear on the other side of town. He was crying the whole way there. Got him inside and the doc said he musta got bit by somthing but that they couldnt tell what. They shaved his chin and they put him on steroids and antibiotics that I had to give him in a dropper which was never easy everyday and crush up steroids in his food which made him not want to eat. So Id have to water it down and then mix it with fresh food. slowly though it just went away.

He travelled in a car with me all the way from Kansas City to California. He's seen more of this country then most Americans have ever seen. He was great the whole trip too. Just sat on my lap looking out the window at all the mountains and hillsides all across America.