he walks the streets
looking for something to eat
just like the pigeon
only it's worse for him
because he Knows he's not a pigeon.
He's a man.
with the same thoughts
the same adversity
the same pupils and brain stem
as the president of the United States
we all clinch our fists
we all want more
the bum wants just enough
he's willing to share
maybe that's how he ended up on the streets
he gave it all away
there's always plenty of takers
the moment you have something to give
and so we live for the take
we live for the snatch and grab
the tug and pull
winner take all
he who dies with the most toys wins
but he still dies
just like that poor bum on the street
his arteries will clog
and he'll collapse
they'll do an autopsy
try to place a name on his toe tag
if not just make one up
born to rot
born to steal and beg
until the last drop
this concentrated Earth
these plundered valleys
these wretched animals
chewing and clawing
into the everlasting
into the apocalypse
dogs chasing invisible flies
but we know we're not dogs
so we chew and claw with remorse
we sin in our every action
we question and doubt existence itself
the universe only goes as far as you can see
beyond that is just a chasm of meaninglessness

how good is the wine
the cigarettes all taste the same